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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

If you live near the park you'll have been concerned at the disgraceful way in which the builders working on fixing up the Lollard Street terrace houses have approached our public park by simply exploiting the Open Space to store their materials, dump rubbish, damage or trash plants and bushes, grass, walls and so on without any apparent regard for the park or the local people who use it and value it.

Not to mention the public health and safety risks they are creating - and often leave behind them overnight quite unprotected - and appear not to care about at all.

FoLWOS has been working with Parks and the Council to try to get them to clean up their act and our park, but several personal representations to the builders have failed to make them behave any more responsibly.

So we've agreed with the council to take legal action against the builders and the houses' new owners to enforce compliance and proper care.

At no time before construction began (or since) were we or the Parks department approached to discuss the project in a basic neighbourly fashion, so this seems the next step we have to take.

There are quite heavy fines associated with this kind of construction work problem, and if they are levied we will push for them to be returned to the Doorstep Green to help fix up the damage already done.

And try to repay the loss of amenity and safety we have all suffered by improving our park - perhaps in a way the DG could not otherwise afford?

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