This is a community website for the Friends (and others) of The Lambeth Walk Open Space. The Friends welcome new members whatever their financial or residence status, but local people who use, look at or enjoy our park regularly will get most out of our organisation. Anyone who would like to contribute to the Friends or this blog, please get in touch via the email link (at right, below). We are currently spending nearly £200,000 on the important basics like fence, hedge, play area and path works

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hello there. This is a simple website for Friends and Stakeholders in the Lambeth Walk Open Space to use and enjoy.

We are looking for the best locally-inspired and relevant ideas and support we can find as we begin to put the care, attention and effort into our local park that it has never received before. These weblogs are good for helping exchange ideas and information about almost anything, so if you know somebody who maybe used to live where the park is now why not ask them what they remember about the place and write it up here or mail us at friendsof_lwos@which.net and I will?

Our part of Kennington was massively bombed during WW2 as the Luftwaffe tried to go one better than Guy Fawkes (and then demolished slum-clearance stylee after the bombers had gone - see below). But we love it, and we'd like it to retain the same mixed and lively blend of Londoners and visitors, poor and rich, locals and incomers that we have known. What we don't want is to be ignored, fobbed off or sold down the river.

To that end the Friends took our Council to court in 2001 to prevent the Lambeth Education Department building over our park. And we won!

So now we have to put our money (and a lot of public money) where our mouths were! There's some evidence on the site already in a temporarily fixed fence, a big new daffodil garden with help of the Marie Curie Cancer charity, and the first fruits of our initial Doorstep Green consultation exercise in March:

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