This is a community website for the Friends (and others) of The Lambeth Walk Open Space. The Friends welcome new members whatever their financial or residence status, but local people who use, look at or enjoy our park regularly will get most out of our organisation. Anyone who would like to contribute to the Friends or this blog, please get in touch via the email link (at right, below). We are currently spending nearly £200,000 on the important basics like fence, hedge, play area and path works

Friday, January 28, 2005

While the webmaster has been buying a house in Australia and taking on a new job with a thing called the National Fire Ant Eradication Program - which is definitely another story - FoLWOS has been continuing the fight to improve the Open Space.

Struggles have been won or fought over the content of the UDP, regaining contiguous access to the Kennington Road frontage and with assorted contractors, neighbours and developers.

Thanks to the committee and the park landscape designers we are a LOT further down the road. More shortly . . .

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