This is a community website for the Friends (and others) of The Lambeth Walk Open Space. The Friends welcome new members whatever their financial or residence status, but local people who use, look at or enjoy our park regularly will get most out of our organisation. Anyone who would like to contribute to the Friends or this blog, please get in touch via the email link (at right, below). We are currently spending nearly £200,000 on the important basics like fence, hedge, play area and path works

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Hey, hey! New, better, more efficient path lights are at last installed to replace the old ones (well, new light heads on top of reconditioned DG green poles where they could be reused and new ones where they couldn't)!
Plus the long story of the 120m of new metal fence is complete and the sections are finally in place along the northern length of Fitzalan Street where the broken sections, temporary wooden replacements and huge gaps were a problem for years. This is the style we'll be using for the rest of the fence around the park in the next steps along the DG path.

It has surely taken a while (can it really be three years since we started?), but with proper bins, lights, fence, new trees and new signs all in place and lots more stuff to come we can finally begin to see what the old patch of green desert will turn into . . .

As long as the old ways of treating the park as though it was a rubbish tip / dog-toilet / building site / cheap dump don't persist (see tomorrow's post).

We are also negotiating hard with Trees for London to see if they can deliver what we want and good value for money from the Doorstep Green planting money this month. Wish FoLWOS luck (or better still, join us . . )

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