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Saturday, August 14, 2004

This is the latest ground plan for the Doorstep Green project as drawn up by our landscape consultant, Adam Thomas.

It shows the re-landscaping planned, plus the new planting we envisage putting in to start with this year.

You can see where the main user improvements will go as well (like the reshaped paths and entrances, the new childrens' play areas, the new seating area near Denby Court and several new waste and dog bin locations),

It also shows the structural improvements to be made to the hard-standing areas and accesses around the Adventure Playground and the electricity sub-station.

All these works are scheduled to go ahead in late September and October of this year, while the park is still dry enough to work on, but most of our users and locals have decided that its pretty cold to be running about in it much. . .

And by next spring the whole thing should be bedding down well and ready to burst into blossom - as well as provide a robust platform for us all to build a better and better park on.

Click here to give us your feedback and suggestions, and here to see a larger version of the plan.

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