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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

FoLWOS Officers Doorstep Green Update,
July 2004

1. Certificate of Lawful use:
There is now a consensus that LBL will not need to consult on this application, as the land has been used as an open space for some time. This is good news as now the Report on Title can be issued to the CA shortly after the application has been approved, which means the Countryside Agency (CA) will finally be able to agree to
release our major grant.

2. Match Funding:
Greening Vauxhall will be writing to the CA to confirm that the DG will receive £60k over the next year towards the project. In addition, the LWOS DG has been nominated, but not yet approved as a project to receive £20-25k of funding from the North Lambeth Area Committee. We have also been advised to submit a bid for new fencing and a proper gate for the Community Garden to a new pot of money for environmental improvements (up to £5k) from the North Lambeth Area Committee.

3. Fencing:
The new fencing is still an on-going issue... Jonathan Meares (North
Lambeth Parks Officer) is back from leave and says that the rest of the Fitzalan section of metal fence will be installed from the 18th or 19th of August. LBL have agreed to pay the additional costs incurred due to the changes in the specification. This also means that when it comes to the rest of the perimeter fence (paid for by the DG grant) we will still be within budget.

4. Kennington Road Frontage:
In the second draft of the UDP it is agreed that the frontage will come back to the Open Space. LBL's solicitors are currently in discussions with L&Q Housing Trust (the current leaseholders) about how to return the land to LBL housing and then eventually to Environment.

5. Lollard Street Adventure Playground:
As the adventure playground are our neighbours and will be celebrating their 50th year here (Lollard Street Adventure Playground - 50th Anniversary Event - 27.08.04
) we have agreed to support them with this event. More news as it comes to hand.

6. Beech saplings for hedge:
I'm not sure if you will recollect that back in March at our last event local school children planted saplings for our new hedge into some pots. The plants are at WTW Primary School. The Adventure Playground and Roots & Shoots have now bothagreed to take the plants for the summer and look after them until we are ready to plant them. We just need to get access to the school!

7. DG implementation:
The contracts for commencement of the DG improvements are scheduled to go to tender in August/September with a view to start on site in Oct/Nov. We will provide more detail when Adam Thomas (FoLWOS Landscape Architect) is back from leave.

8. Newsletter:
We intend to send a newsletter to all FoLWOS members during the next few weeks and inform them of the recent improvements (new lights, fence, Great Parks, Great Cities etc.).

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