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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Well, as usual, there's many a slip . . . we've had to reschedule again on the Roots meeting - apparently there's no contractor's rep available despite everybody else being ready to give up their Wednesday evening to sit down and sort it out.

Ah, well, Adam and Trees for London did get together this afternoon to discuss their proposal for planting and skilling-up, and he has another meeting with our art and schools outreach contractor (local contemporary art gallery owner Danielle Arnaud - that's her gallery at 123 Kennington Rd pictured right) scheduled for this week, plus we've got all the Countryside Agency's Doorstep Green honchos coming down to ours for a walk - and talk - around next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, our new dog mess bins seem to be proving popular (see right) with owners as well as park users, and there's a new variety of loopy person or persons on the loose who are nicking our old fence - the ugly posts and metal rail effect ones! We lost a 10 metre section near Lollard Street last week - literally overnight.

I wish they'd stopped and asked instead - we could have offered them the whole lot in 4 months' time when we refence, but until then we'd really like to keep the cars and trucks off the park as much as possible. . .

More laters . . .

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