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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Wondering what's been happening with the park fence right next to Fitzalan St?

Well, around the 15th of April, Lambeth Parks' fencing contractors McNicholas were about to put in about 100m of brand new fence to replace the temporary wooden one we've had to put up with for years.

After a bit of lobbying we got Lambeth to agree that their fence section will be in exactly the same style as the Doorstep Green Team will install around the rest of the park - and line with beech hedge - in November this year. That way we won't have to rip it out again six months later!

Unfortunately, when their fence panels arrived (after the old fence had been removed - pic above) we discovered that they were the wrong colour - a shiny black - and not the Moss Green (RAL6005) we have specified for almost all the new park "furniture" and had agreed with the manufacturer.

(At left is a picture of our consultant Adam trying not to curse out loud as he found the black panels . . .). So back they went to be made right again while FoLWOS and Parks arranged to have the temporary wooden fence re-erected to stop the same kind of chaos and people driving onto the park we used to have and that the fence style is designed to prevent without making the park feel like a prison.

The replacement wooden fence should be down again and replaced by the new, new fence - if you see what I mean - by the end of May.

At which point we should also have our much-discussed new gap in the fence line (designed to let people get from the Royal Oak pub back to the Precinct without having to jump a fence when not in precisely the best frame of mind or body) in the right place as well!

So that'll be the right fence, in the right colour, in the right places, by the end of May. By then the park lights should be being serviced as well, with modern light heads installed as well as the switchgear and posts repaired (see March 18th post below). These will work much better as lights for the paths, and more reliably over the next few years than the existing stock, and waste far less electricity in the meantime.

More later . . .

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