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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

A couple of problems to resolve and a success to report:

Roots & Shoots are rebuilding their main school and admin building as an eco-centre over the next 12 months, and to do that they needed to knock down and rebuild a wall that faced directly onto the Community Garden (that they partnered with FoLWOS to design, create and maintain).

They hope to be able to use some more of the garden as a works site during the year – although we have expressed our strong reservations about losing so much park to a building site for so long, particularly when there is likely to be rather a lot of other building work going on all around the park over the next few years.

What we did agree to as both reasonable, and the right thing to do for a partner and neighbour, was to let them erect a large hoarding around the demolition site for the old building. This keeps their site safe from intruders and ours safe from builders!

As part of the agreement we required that the hoarding be sympathetically painted - perhaps with a mural of the new building to come or some local kids ideas about plants and parks and play - and any damage or tagging rectified immediately.

Well, as you can see, the tagging started soon enough and unfortunately it is still there after three weeks or more, so we're chasing that one for action.

We struck another builder-related problem last week that I found very hard to believe: a builder working on one of the Lollard Street houses decided that storing his bags of rubble and skip rubbish right on the park was a good idea (see pic).

Well, he was wrong for a million pretty obvious reasons, and even he saw the light almost as soon as we approached him – and shifted it pronto.

I guess that too is what "Friends" groups are for. . .

Meanwhile the Greening Vauxhall tree we planted in march before the Open Day looked gorgeous for most of April as it flowered profusely almost immediately - probably because it was big enough and strong enough to shake off being replanted quickly and just got on with the job of being beautiful . . .

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