This is a community website for the Friends (and others) of The Lambeth Walk Open Space. The Friends welcome new members whatever their financial or residence status, but local people who use, look at or enjoy our park regularly will get most out of our organisation. Anyone who would like to contribute to the Friends or this blog, please get in touch via the email link (at right, below). We are currently spending nearly £200,000 on the important basics like fence, hedge, play area and path works

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Among the delights on offer at the Open Day on March 27 (and after) are these designer (tee hee) t-shirts proudly announcing your contribution to the Doorstep Green - it could be a donation of time, skill, money or support - or available to buy through our email address (see links top right). We'll settle prices on the weekend, but somewhere around £10 for kids (ages 2-3, 4-5, 6-7) and £14.00 for adults (s, m, l and xl) looks likely. We'll be awarding some as prizes at the Open Day as well, and to local kids coming up with crackin' art and logo etc ideas through our Greening Vauxhall-funded art in schools programme (which is happening in the Ethelred Youth Club and Walnut Tree Walk school right now).

We'll also be celebrating the beginning of Doorstep Green year one with a brand new ornamental cherry (being planted by the Leader of the Council, Peter Truesdale - our longest standing local councillor as well) and four chronically needed dog-mess and litter bins from Earth Anchors, several new and improved park lights from Urbis, new park signs from Signology, and lots of preparation work for the new children's area, public seating, fencing, hedging and planting.

And we've got membership cards too for people who would like to join us as members of FoLWOS.

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