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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Ahhh, Spring . . . when most green things start getting a real move on.

We planted our first item bigger than a daffodil bulb yesterday, a 4 metre high and gorgeous heavy standard Prunus avium 'Plena' , while light spring showers gave the ground a decent soaking in greeting, and the other preparations for Saturday's Open Day took shape around us.

Leader of the Council (Lambeth) Peter Truesdale - who is also our local member - braved the wind and showers to join Fred Russell and his team from Trees for London, plus our Greening Vauxhall officer K. Polyzoides (GV helped pay for the tree), FoLWOS members and our landscape architect Adam Thomas to make the first practical difference to the Park.

The tree, already in bud and just itching to make some serious blossom, was selected for its form and beauty, but also for size and robustness. Like much open space planting, especially when surrounded by schools, smaller trees tend to suffer terminal damage from passers by rather too easily, so we're hoping that a considerable investement - around £400 - will pay off in longevity as well as beauty.

We also spent some time spraying the grass of our park with lines of white paint (sounds mad I know but the paint washes off soon enough and is non-toxic) to show where seating and the children's dog mess free area, litter bins and steps will be going later this year, and to begin to suggest some of the issues we need more feedback from locals on - starting at the Open Day this Saturday.

ian nicolson

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